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Wanna break through the elusive 6 & 7 figure ceiling this year in your advertising agency & explode your business revenue?

Here's the secret:

No More Cold Calling. No More Blindly Sending Emails. No More "Hustling" & Grinding For Clients.

Just A Peaceful Growth Strategy For Agencies That Delivers More With Less

Here’s how I went from

A broke college dude, who partied 5 days a week in Kentucky…

To building a 7 figure advertising agency in less than 12 months.

In August of 2016, I gave up a $110k salary as a mechanical engineer to pursue my dreams.

I knew I didn’t want to work for someone else and knew it was time for me to become my own boss…

I had no idea how I was gonna do it..

But I knew what I wanted.

🗓 May 2017

I got targeted by an ad that would change my life forever

“Be Your Own Boss and make $10k/month runnings ads for local businesses”

This was exactly what I was looking for!

[Later That Month]

I quit the part-time delivery job I had at the time

And I went all-in on my new agency

For the first 5 months, I had absolutely zero ideas what I was doing

Cold calling 100’s of business owners…

Going door to door 8 hours a day trying to sell my advertising services to local businesses…

Running around town trying everything to get a client

(Out of shape college grad + khakis + KY Summer= 😭)

Early 2018

Started signing clients for $500/ month.

( at this time I thought I was rich)

Pulling all-nighters, working on clients’ campaigns.

Immediately losing the clients…

Started getting depressed…

Wondering if this entrepreneur life was for me.

“Maybe I should have done what everyone else did and just get a boring job”

“Maybe I’ll just become an uber driver to pay the bills”

“Is this whole entrepreneur thing even real or does everyone fake it?”

These thoughts turned into nightmares that woke me up every night…

🗓March 2018:

Things finally started to look positive for me

I figured out how to build messaging and offers that were compelling to business owners.

I learned that the scrummy sales tactics that I learned online were way off…

.. and learned how to do what I call “ offer sells itself

… where your offer is so good that clients actually start to sell themselves into working with you.

And most importantly:

I restructured my backend client fulfillment so that:

😍 My clients got AMAZING results with me

😍 They stuck around for the long-term

😍 My agency became a positive flywheel

(As I grew, the overall client experience only got better)

I knew I was onto something.

My agency started to take off like a rocketship to Mars 🚀

Fast forward a bit.

🗓 January 2019

Fully launched High Ticket Freedom.

I started helping other agency owners scale the same way I did.

The results were...explosive to say the least.

🗓 January 2020

We did 1M in cash collected just inside my agency ( New Age Media)

🗓 August 2021

At this point, we’ve helped over 250+ agency owners.

We’ve built the #1 agency coaching program on this planet 🌍

I’m able to:

✅ Provide for my family

✅ Travel when and where i want.

✅ Donate to charity on a monthly basis

I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time.

But I’m far from satisfied.

My mission is to help 1000+ agency owners achieve the same freedom I’ve been able to.

And there is zero doubt in my mind that it’s going to happen.

Which is EXACTLY why we created the Agency Launch Map ™


"Running My Ad Agency Finally 

FEELS Good." 

- Every agency owner who scales using the Agency Launch Map instead of cold calling, going door to door, offering free trials, or any of the outdated 'agency growth advise'

As you probably already know, I can't promise you that you're going to go through my mini-course & achieve the same exact results. It took lots of hard work, patience, time, money, and wanting to toss my laptop into the Ohio River & be done with it more times than I can remember.

But, it does work. And NOT just for me!

I've personally helped 250+ private clients scale their agencies peacefully & smoothly using our system.

Now, I'd like to show you some of the cool results I've helped our clients achieve using the strategies & methods you'll find inside the High Ticket Freedom system.

How Would Your Agency Look Different If Every Day Looked Like It Does For Many Of Our Clients?

"I went from $0- $20K a month working with Justin and his team" - Bradley C.

  • High-paying, premium clients who have no problem paying $8k upfront
  • 12 month contracts - so you no longer have to worry about revenue rollercoasters & the ups & downs most agencies face
  • Dream clients coming to you - no need to have a huge ad budget or tons of marketing behind you. Monet was able to land this $12k contract using our organic client acquisition strategies!

What If You Were Able To Close 2 Deals In 1 Week For $10k, Then Become A Sales Machine Like Katy

"2 New Clients This Week To Get Us To $10k/mo"

"Just closed someone in 10 minutes!"

Want Results Like These?

"This sounds great, but what do I actually get for $7?


Included in this $7 mini-course, I'll be giving you:

  • Over 20+ training modules - laid out on a step-by-step, easy-to-follow system to scale your agency fast
  • Dozens of hours of exclusive content - everything from advanced mindset training to elite-level sales training, prospecting to client onboarding, we've got you covered 
  • Swipe files, message templates, Sales Scripts, & worksheets - get instant access to our best-performing organic messaging templates & worksheets so that you never have to guess how to get clients again
  • You will get access to our Paid Masterclasses from all the $197 masterminds we did online.


This mini-course is worth at least $2,000

Right now, it's just one payment of $7

✅ Understand how to build the structure of your agency so that when you’re ready to scale, you’ll have everything in play.

✅ How to get into the right niche using our blue ocean niche selection technique and target an industry that’s prime for scaling. (you’ll also get a list of 100+ niche ideas)

✅ How to get rid of your old habits and mindset holding you back so that you can adopt the right mindset to make your first 6 figures online.

✅ How to become the “Go-To Expert” in your industry and have prospects coming to you on autopilot (this same method is how I personally made my first 6 figures online)

✅ The “Phone won’t Stop Rining” Method of having 100+ clients call you.

✅ How to use the “Two Step Close” to close higher than 40% of your sales calls.

✅ Our exact demo presentation that is responsible for closing $400k+ so that you don’t have to second guess what to do on a sales call.

✅ Our “handling objections” playbook so you know how to rebuttal to objections.

This requires ZERO:

👎 cold calling

👎 posting in groups

👎 Giving discounts

👎 spamming your LinkedIn network with random messages

3 proven prospecting scripts and methods to get you a full calendar each and every week.

✅ How to eliminate "sales call anxiety" for good (without fancy mindset hacks or affirmations)

✅ How to deploy 'Chessmaster thinking modalities' to your agency to go from feeling like an 'operator' to a prolific, elite-level CEO

✅ Why less is more in the advertising agency world, and how to stop doing more busywork.

✅ How to close more clients while taking fewer sales calls

✅ Why the old way of selling agency services is dead

✅ Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per Show, Pay-Per-Appointment, Rev Share, Retainer? - Find out how to determine which agency revenue model is best for your particular market & offer

✅ Why you don't need to "show the value" on sales calls...and what to do instead

✅ Our "Sell Without Selling" system we use to enroll 3-5 new high-quality clients a week without being pushy, aggressive, using sales presentations, or 'hard closing'

✅ How to completely automate your prospecting so that you can focus on CEO tasks.

✅ How to find and outsource your fulfillment to a white label team.

✅ And much, much more...

Purchase Now & Get These 3 Bonuses For FREE!

Free Bonus #1: Learn Our 'Objection Obliteration' System & Dissolve The "Send Me A Proposal" Objection With Ease So You Never Have To Send Another Proposal Again!

"This sounds great. Send me over a proposal & I'll look it over."

Ever hear that on a sales call? 

In this training + downloadable presentation, I'll give you the exact framework we use to turn "send me a proposal" into "where do I sign?"

Free Bonus #2: How To Keep Clients 3+ Years And Deliver Results That Make Them Introduce You To Their Friends..

Struggling to keep your agency clients? After you watch this masterclass and get access to our "Lead Generation eBook" you'll know the exact formula we've used to keep clients 3+ years.

Free Bonus #3: How To Hire, Train & Manage Virtual Assistant and Turn Them Into An Appointment Setting Machine To Scale Your Agency To 6 & 7 Figures.

This in-depth training will walk you through step-by-step how to hire, train, and manage a virtual assistant and completely automate your prospecting so that you can focus on CEO tasks and grow your agency to 6 & 7 figures.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say!

"150 Apts and 7 Closed Deals Just In March"

"$9,750 Deal Within First Week!"

"33 Discovery Calls In 1 Week!"

"37 Apts and 4 Closed Deals This Month"

"First Client Closed At $1,000!"

"$7,500 Monthly Recurring Revenue Deal!"

"3 Deals Closed Over The Past 3 Days"

"$4,500 Per Month Client"

"$0 To $10k Per Month In 6 Weeks!"

"$202,000 In Sales Last Month!"

" I Closed My First Deal As Part Of The Crew At $1,500 Per Month For 6 Months"

"Dude We Just Signed A Client For $5k Per Month For 3 Months And Wants To Pay All Up Front"

$100,000 Cash Collected

$100k Agency!

We Did $16,000 Last Month

16 Active Chiropractor Clients

$1,900 Deal Closed

$2.7k Contract Closed

2 Deals In 3 Weeks

Woke Up To A Closed Deal!

$7,500 Contract + $2.5k/Month!

$4,500 Contract + $1,500/ Month!

$4,500 Closed

$2,000 Closed

$3,750 Contract Closed - $1,250 Per Month

$1,897 Closed ON 11 Year Anniversary!


Blue Ocean Niches - Learn the exact niches to avoid going into - and how to make sure you get into an industry that you can dominate and become the "Go-To Expert" of the industry.

Prospecting Scripts That Work:

The Exact unique scripts we've used to close $100,000+ with our organic prospecting



I’m beyond convinced that you’ll not only LOVE the Agency Launch Map (and bonuses) but when you IMPLEMENT everything, you’ll be amazed at your results.

You’ll get your hands on it in just a few moments – and you’ll get them with ZERO RISK.

You’re either completely thrilled or send us an email ( and we’ll give you a full refund – no hassles, no hard feelings (we’ll still be friends).

Who Are Justin & Blake?

Great Question! It seems like everyone nowadays is an expert online.

Even if we didn't have hundreds of testimonials and 400+ total clients.

It's the experience that you can bet on.

The truth is, just a couple of years ago we were probably in the same exact scenario that you're currently in.

Overworked, underpaid, and felt like we were a slave to our businesses.

After all, we get into this space for freedom. A lot times it's easy to get caught up and next thing you know, you're overworking yourself wondering if this is what you're meant to do.

My brother Blake and myself have both been there. That's why we've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn these skill sets to true freedom.

We each run online agencies that combined produce over $150,000+ each and every single month. The best part is, we've cracked the code to automations and freedom.

Now we spend the majority of our time doing what we truly love to do, which is coaching like-minded agency owners, like yourself, to hit the next level inside their business.

We've helped a total of 400+ online businesses with lead generation over the previous 5 years and have learned that automating it with proven systems always gets better results.

That's why we made a commitment to the day that we started seeing success in this online space that no matter what we do, we will go all in 110% and overdeliver. Because at the end of the day, we already have income from other sources and investments that make us money. The prospecting ninjas and The High Ticket Freedom family is what ultimately drives us to achieve more every day.

So if you're ready to really see some growth, join the Agency Launch Map. We teach the exact same frameworks, tools, systems and processes that we use inside our own business to help you achieve the same or even better results than we have (yes, a lot of our clients actually get better results than us.)

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